About Me

About Me

I’m a brazilian self-taught visual artist, born in 1979 in Salvador/Bahia. I began to work with illustration and animation in late 1990′s, and since I left Salvador in 2001, I’ve lived/worked in São Paulo, Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona. I’ve used my skills in studios such as Lobo, Logan, Belief, Boolab, Blacklist, Psyop, Hornet, on projects to a wide range of brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, GE, MTV, UNICEF, Volkswagen, Diesel, Lucas Arts and Apple.

Besides my commercial work, I had the pleasure to work on collaborative projects along fashion, dance performances, theatre plays, short and featured movies. My work has been published in books, magazines and specialized websites.

Since 2011, I’m based in São Paulo, Brazil, and now I decide to look for a new challenge here or somewhere else. Feel free to contact me about work or just to say hello. I hope you enjoy the website, thank you for your time.


Lobo Silk Magazine #1, 2007, Brazil
DIF Magazine #33, 34, 37, 2005/06, Portugal
Katalogue Vol.1, 2006, U.K.
Clandestina Trips #9, 2003, Argentina
Bossa Magazine #01-08, 2002-03 Brazil
TXT Magazine #08/15, 2005, Brazil
Revista TRIP #79, 2000, Brazil


Motionographer Cream O’crop Motion
Design/Animation Individuals TOP30 list
, 2008, USA
Stash Magazine 14, 15, 26 and 35, 2005-07, USA
MAC+ Workshop #1, 2006, Brazil
DIF Magazine #10, 2003, Portugal
Creative Review July 2002, UK
Top Magazine #45, 2002, Brazi


Aroeira, Grupo Viladança, 2006 – Visuals
Street Art on Abril Pro Rock, 2005 – Illustrations
House of Palomino, 2005 – Illustrations (w/ Lobo)
Afrika Bambaata, Jive, 2003 – Visuals
José ULISSES da Silva, Grupo Viladança, 2002 Visuals (w/ Amaranta César)


Yes, you’re alone
Clair-Obscur FilmFestival, 2009 – Basel, Switzerland
Festival do Minuto
, 2009 – Brazil (Competition)
Kinofest, 2009 – Bucharest, Romania (Micromovie Competition)
MG Fest, 2009 – Chicago, USA
Offf Motion, 2009 – Krakow, Poland

Caja Granada “Museo”

13º Holland Animation Film Festival, 2009 – Amsterdan, Netherland

Awarded Projects

As Director
Laus 10
AUDIOVISUAL, Silver – Boolab “Xmas Tree”, 2009
Laus 10 AUDIOVISUAL, Bronze – VW Tiguan “Penguin”, 2009
Laus 10 AUDIOVISUAL, Bronze – Caja Granada “Welcome Future”, 2009
Prix Ars 10 – Caja Granada “Welcome Future”, 2009
Prix Ars 10 – Caja Granada “Museum”, 2009


One Show, Merit NKE6 v02, 2007 – Animation Direction
One Show, Design Gold Diesel Dreams, 2005 – Design/Animation
One Show, Design Silver NKE6 v01, 2006 – Design/Composition
D&AD, Digital Crafts Diesel Dreams, 2005 – Design/Animation
BDA, Silver Diesel Dreams, 2005 – Design/Animation
BDA, Silver Budweiser Select “Liquid Gold”, 2006 – Design/Animation
ADC, Merit Award Diesel Dreams, 2005 – Design/Animation
Festival 5 Minutos, Young Director O Eterno Retorno do Mesmo, 1999 – Co-Direction/Co-Production