Caja Granada

Caja Granada

The project arrived at boolab via El Laboratorio and involved the upcoming opening of Caja Granada’s new corporate headquarters and the creation of the Centro Cultural Memoria de Andalucía, which is housed in the same building. The campaign was created by the agency, included two spots “Bienvenido Futuro” and “Museo”, with steampunk references, perpetual motion machines and automaton toys.
Production company boolab
Executive Producer Coke Ferreiro
Producers Jorge Alegre and Bárbara Buruaga
PostProduction Director Coke Ferreiro

Post Producer Oriol Vives
Illustrations/Textures Pedro Pacheco, Terlina Lie, Macarena Ortega, Emie Lee and Dominique Aizpurua
3D Team Kiko Alcaraz, Alejandro Guido and Hugo García
2D Animation/Compositing Dominique Aizpurua
Storyboard Albert Rodríguez

Music José Battoglio
Sound Design Pep Aguiló – Idea Sonora
Sound Studio Sonomedia
Announcer Claudio Rodríguez

Agency El Laboratorio
Creative Director Danny Ilario
LAUS 10, AUDIOVISUAL Bronze – Caja Granada “Welcome Future”
Prix Ars 10 – Caja Granada “Welcome Future”
Prix Ars 10 – Caja Granada “Museum”

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